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All Natural.
Gluten Free.

For more than 30 years, Papa Brown has been crafting his signature Homemade BBQ Sauce for his family to enjoy … and become addicted to! Now your family can enjoy, as Papa Brown offers his Deliciously Addictive Homemade BBQ Sauce to you.

The Papa Brown's Story

More than 30 years ago, times were hard and money was tight.  However, for us, life was good.  Our parents put forth great effort to make dinner a special family time.  No matter what was on the menu, we could always count on our Dad’s homemade sauce to make things taste “just a little bit better.”

Out of these tough times, a family tradition was born.  Our hope is that Papa Brown’s Homemade BBQ Sauce will become a favorite with your family as well!


Harold “Papa” Brown